Tree-See Control System Concept Explanation

The tree-see control system is the most versatile tree sensing system on the market. The tree-see control system will help reduce your spray chemical bill 10 to 75 percent, depending on the condition of your grove.

The first unit was sold to Coca-Cola foods in 1984 and the tree-see system has been installed on over 250 sprayers, both engine drive and p.t.o. machines since. Based on the savings growers have achieved in the first year many have been able to pay for the tree-see control systems and still put money in the bank. The tree-see control system comes in several different models. Ranging from our Model 10 (five sensors per side) to our single sided young tree unit. The model 8 tree-see system consists of eight sensors mounted at the front of the sprayer in a vertical array. Each sensor, starting with the bottom or #1 sensor, is mounted on a manifold allowing the angle of the sensor to be adjusted. Adjusting the angle of each sensor, determines the height each sensor detects. After determining this height the tree can be divided into Zones, with each Zone representing a range or height from the ground. For example:


With the tree divided into sections the sensors scan the Zones detecting the presence or absence of a tree in each particular Zone. Let's say a tree is detected in Zone 1 and 2. This would mean a ten foot tree is about to be sprayed. A sprayer NOT equipped with the tree-see system would spray chemical out of all the nozzles, but the tree-see equipped sprayer turns off the nozzles in zones 3 and 4 where no target is detected. Turning off the nozzles in these Zones saves 50% of the spray material for that particular tree. This is a basic example of how the tree-see control system accomplishes such large spray savings.

The tree-see system also detects the profile of the tree. For example, if you have a diamond shaped tree the center zones would come on first, followed by the top and bottom zones. This type of profile reading can save you a substantial amount of spray material.

The control system also relates the control of the Zones to the ground speed of the sprayer. The system does not work on a time delay. As sensors detect a target in a zone the system does not wait five (5) seconds, it measures the distance from the detected target to the nozzles and turns on the spray. By measuring the distance traveled, the tree-see system eliminates errors that would be caused by varying tractor speeds. The tree-see system also allows the manager to decide how much lead or overspray he desires. Lead spray is the distance the control system starts the spray before the air blast reaches the canopy of the tree. Overspray is the distance the spray is continued after the sensors stop detecting the canopy of the tree. Each of these adjustments (leadspray and overspray) are independently adjustable. If you need to have eight inches of leadspray and sixteen inches of overspray this is easily done. This flexibility allows you to customize the system for all your spray needs. Even a custom installation where all of the sensors can not be vertically placed on the machine or a split manifold, is not a problem. Each tree-see sensor can be set independently for maximum flexibility.

The tree-see control system is easily retrofitted on machines ranging from FMC to Aero-Fan to Durand Wayland. We have more experience retrofitting sprayers with control systems than any other company in the market. Give us a call and learn how you can save on your spray chemical bill by using the tree-see control system. You can start putting those savings straight to the bottom line.______________